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| July 2, 2022

More pets get lost on July 4th than any other time of year. Taking these

| June 29, 2022

The reason animal shelter volunteer programs desperately need an overhaul, and 10 ways to fix it.

| June 22, 2022

Steal This Idea: 'Welcome everyone' to come talk to you about working for your shelter

| June 15, 2022

Steal This Idea: Greenville County Animal Care's texting program uses autoresponders to help people get

| June 8, 2022

Volunteer pet detectives. Waiving reclaim fees. Fixing fences. These six tips will help more pets

| June 1, 2022

Listen to our interview with Dr. Lisa Gunter about her new research on dog fostering

| May 24, 2022

"If you can't afford a pet, we're here to help you." A call for standing

| May 18, 2022

11 ways shelters put up barriers to adoption but breeders don't—and what we can do

| May 11, 2022

Steal This Idea! Cabot Animal Support Services's Fences for Fido program fixes fences and keeps


Human Animal Support Services facilitates Job-Alikes to provide colleagues with similar roles and responsibilities the opportunity to discuss common issues, ask questions, determine best practices, and share program ideas among their peers. These groups include monthly collaborative sessions that enable participants to share resources and develop relationships across multiple districts and settings.

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