People, Pets, and Purpose: The Arizona Pet Project’s Leanna Taylor

Welcome to the next installment of People, Pets, and Purpose, our brand new interview series exploring the human-animal bond, and what really matters.

In this incredible episode, if we do say so ourselves, host Diaz Dixon—the Maddie’s® Advisor for External Affairs and Partnerships for the Human Animal Support Services project—speaks with one of the most inspiring people we’ve ever come across. 

Leanna Taylor is CEO of The Arizona Pet Project, an organization that keeps pets with the people who love them through any kind of hardship. Leanna came to this work after a previous career in professional sports, moved by what she saw and experienced in her own Phoenix neighborhood and the need for solutions that address the human crises and animal crises that are so inextricably intertwined.

Today, The Arizona Pet Project is at the forefront of recognizing and honoring the H in HASS—the human part of animal welfare. And we’re so excited to share this wide-ranging, supremely galvanizing chat between Diaz and Leanna that goes deep and brings home the hows and whys of keeping families together, working with partners to support the whole family, and why all families should, we’re quoting Leanna here, “have access to the joy and healing benefits of pet ownership.”

Give this episode a listen—and, if you missed it, here’s where you can check out episode one of People, Pets, and Purpose, in which Diaz speaks with Michigan Humane’s Matt Pepper.

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