Geraldine D’Silva

Director of Human-Animal Support Services, San Diego Humane Society

Geraldine is passionate about animals and people. She strategically stewarded a small, independent non-profit serving 300 home-bound, low-income pet families through a successful merger with one of the largest animal shelters in the nation, now helping thousands of people keep their pets. Driven by a passion to navigate the numerous complexities and social service issues to bridge the gap between human and animal welfare, Geraldine and her team expanded safety net services by building strong volunteer and community partnerships, introducing creative programs and just in 2019 distributed over 2 million meals. She led this program through a full integration with San Diego Humane Society, retiring the PAWS name and enabling the entire organization to take on the proactive model of providing vital services and resources to help people keep their pets. 

Geraldine’s current role is Director of Human-Animal Support Services at San Diego Humane Society where is responsible for building their Community Vet Services Department.

Brought up in India, she completed her B.A. in Sociology and travelled to remote villages studying the caste system and other systemic issues. She has an M.B.A. from the Edinburgh Business School in Scotland where she also worked as a Research Consultant with the Scotch Whisky Industry and the Scottish City Council. She has a background in advertising and branding, and over 10 years of experience working in the human-animal welfare world. It has been one of the greatest privileges of her life to have volunteered with homeless animals, people in crisis and children with special needs in India, Scotland and the U.S.

Geraldine serves on the Board of Community Through Hope, an independent non-profit in San Diego that supports people facing food insecurity and permanent housing related issues. She is an advocate for those who may not have a voice at the table and helped create the DEI Committee at San Diego Humane Society in 2019.

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