Building and Facility

To gather information on current laws in pilot cities, determine the best way forward to have community cats live immediately and create a menu of tactics for other communities.


Heather Lewis

Beau Archer
Caty Townsend
Christy Louzan
Denae Wagner
Faith Wright
Heather Lewis
Jackie Roach
Jesse Keith
Josh Sisler
Nicole Fuller
Richard Havens
Sarah Boman
Stacy LeBaron
Stella Hanly


The Building/Facilities Working Group has gathered photos and plans from many of the Tier 1 Shelters for analysis. This group has also been working on a dynamic brainstorm of the requirements for a prototype HASS physical shelter, using user experience mapping.

The Building/Facilities Working Group has been tackling our tasks with a three pronged approach:

  • The “outreach” subgroup has developed a plan for interfacing with all the other working groups that are related to facilities and has delegated tasks for reaching out.
  • The “survey/data” subgroup is working on 1) gathering data about how people are using their facilities differently and 2) gathering floor plans and photos of tier one shelters, for use in evaluation.
  • The “brainstorm” subgroup is doing just that. Building the framework of a new animal shelter facility, based on the social model, and into which we can feed information learned from “outreach” and “survey/data” subgroups.

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