Community Engagement

To understand the community’s needs, assets and obstacles to working as a collective of all neighborhoods in a city. To develop a toolkit for outreach, inclusion and input.


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The Community Engagement group is working on understanding what the human service providers in the Tier 1 cities are experiencing with their clients in terms of animal needs in each community to keep people with pets. The group plans to send a survey, through the Tier 1 and 2 directors, to these service providers (preferably coalitions of them) and then will be reviewing the data we receive back to perform program gap analysis city by city.

The Community Engagement WG has been developing questions for the community wide (in all Tier 1 cities) survey. The purpose is to understand what every person in a community really needs and wants from the government around animal services as well as a look at their experience up until now. We are developing some really cool mapping that will overlay our results over different demographic data. We believe this will be a gamechanger in communicating what people and animals need together!

No updates yet, check back soon.

No updates yet, check back soon.

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