To collect and analyze existing data that is helpful to program development, cost building, and needs assessments. To develop a framework for prospective data collection and analysis. To prioritize each to-do item to address immediate needs first.


Dr. Ellen Jefferson holding small tabby cat
Dr. Ellen Jefferson

Aaron White
Adan Parra
Alex Castelazo
Alison Putnam
Amy Tyler, DVM
Ann Ensminger
April Huntsman
Ariel Zhang
Bennett Simonsen
Brandi Priest
Brett Yates
Chetana Mirle
Cindi Delany, DVM, KPA-CTP
Cristie Kamiya
Cristina Monita
Deb Snyder
Debra Rahl
Diann Meiller
Dina Trefethen
Elena Battles
Emily Wood
Erika Ochoa
Hugh Mulligan
Jamie Case
Jason Smith
Joshua Frits
Kate Rafferty
Kaustuv Ghotane
Keegan Spera
Kerri Burrows
Kevin Horecka
Lisa Feder
Lizz Whitacre
Maria Saucedo
Marie Abbondanza
Marina Karr
Michael Suttles
Michelle Nevin
Mike Greenberg
Nina Stively
Rebecca Guinn
Rena Lafaille
Richard Ramke
Rory Adams
Samantha Hill
Sarah Aguilar
Sarah Amann
Shelly Thompson
Steve Porter
Susan Amirian
Tracy Crutchfield
Victoria Cussen
Whitney Hanson


We are developing a comprehensive list of metrics per element as an Organizational Report that can be used by directors, managers, policy makers to measure success and focus their work. Once we “brain dump” our thoughts, we will be gathering the metrics that the working groups are individually coming up with and the metrics that Tier 1 Directors believe are critical to finalize a report. Our hope is that we can then work with the data software companies to make the reporting points simple and fast.

The Data WG has been busy trying to 1. create a way to share data on HASS as a collective which is very challenging because the software and data entry habits are so different in every organization and 2. develop a draft of performance metrics for HASS programs, that will need lots of input, to help every organization understand the impact of their changes and effectively communicate that with the community.

No updates yet, check back soon.

No updates yet, check back soon.

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