Disaster Response

To develop documented protocols and procedures for animal service organizations (focusing on Tier 1 and tier 2) and their communities to handle disasters utilizing the HASS model. Develop and disseminate a disaster guide playbook to the Tier 1 and Tier 2 organizations.  


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The Disaster Response working group has begun drafting a toolkit for organizations to utilize when crafting their organizational emergency plans.  Guidance documents created include a framework for facility emergency plans and a guide to assessing risk and hazards in communities.

The Disaster Response working group has compiled information on FEMA training courses that are either required or recommended for participation in disaster response. The document also outlines the reasons that these courses are important for staff and volunteers of animal welfare organizations to complete. The working group has continued to compile emergency preparedness and response resources for the HASS Disaster Response module that the group will create, most recently adding resources on social vulnerability, disaster mental health, and cultural competence. The group is also crafting a document that will provide organizations with the framework to create a disaster response plan for their facility.

The Disaster Response working group is developing a playbook for animal welfare organizations to use in planning for and responding to disasters.  The working group has created a list of resources regarding emergency and disaster planning and response for the playbook, and has drafted the playbook’s table of contents.

The Disaster Response work group has been gathering information on the current national disaster response framework.  The group has collected information on the Emergency Management Assistance Compact process and is assembling information on FEMA resource typing for team types and personnel positions.

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