External Facing Medical Care

To implement external-facing full service free, low cost, or crowd funded care for fostered, owned (at high risk of relinquishment), and found animals in the Tier 1 communities To develop a roadmap for “how” this can be duplicated in more communities.


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Dr. Ellen Jefferson, D.V.M.
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Zarah Hedge


The External Facing Medical Care group is working on providing some easy short term deliverables that will help other organizations develop a process for triaging animals that need medical care or will be surrendered. This working group hopes to hold a summit or webinar to talk through these as well as share decision trees and rudimentary “how to” documents. The group is also discussing piloting a partnership with a veterinary corporation to prevent all medical surrenders. Stay tuned!

The External Facing Medical Care Working Group has created sub-groups; In-Shelter Support, Working with Partners, and Creating a New Model. The sub-groups are creating concise how-to’s to share with the tier shelters on how to implement each, depending on what the shelter and communities resources are. We are also waiting on data from Project 2 so we can help Tier 1 cities understand and plan to meet their goals for helping the public with full service medical care.

After a very productive 1st month of creating guiding principals, a mission statement, and inviting expert guest speakers, the group has created 3 subgroups that will focus on the three different types of medical care that can be provided: in shelter support, partnering with local clinics and NPO’s, and creating a new model.

No updates yet, check back soon.

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