Field Services and Public Safety

To reimagine what Animal Protection is in terms of protecting the public and animals in the community through the lens of HASS, test it in pilot communities, document success into a toolkit for future use.


Audra Michael, Adam Ricci, and Christina Snow

Adam Ricci
Allison Harper
Ann Barnes
Ann Russell
April Moore
Ashley Anderson-Mutch
Audra Michael
Bryan Harkey
Chris Mayer
Chris Schindler
Christina Snow
Daniel D’Eramo
Daniel Pantoja
Debby MacDonald
EC Michaels
Elise Ramsey
Erika Leckington
Jeanne Saadi
Joshua Rolfe
Kellie Roberts
Kim Wolsiffer
Lara Hudson
Laramie Melvin
Lisa Lee
Mark Sloat
Martin O’Keeffe
MeLissa Webber
Michelle Dosson
Mike Wheeler
Peggy Oertwig
Robin Crehan
Scott Giocoppo
Steven Infante
Teresa Johnson
Tessa Yu
Tiffany Barrow
Tony Rankin
Troy Taylor
Yvonne Rodriguez


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