To build foster programming that encourages repeat fosters, ensures a large foster base, and is simple to navigate. To build the program to be community-centered instead of shelter building centered.


Kristen Hassen - Director of Pima Animal Care Center
Kristen Hassen
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We’ve been having staff from different organizations present on different types of foster for our group and for the foster staff at HASS Shelters. We worked with Sarah A. to round out the list of possible foster data points. Some working group members are also assisting with the online apprenticeship about foster-centric sheltering that’s being attended by staff at many HASS orgs.

We’ve been teaching one another a little bit at each meeting during short “Foster TED Talks” and started looking into HASS shelters’ foster organizational charts to learn about how they’re set up and how staff and volunteers are utilized. We’ve also finished the obstacles and solutions document.

The Foster Working Group has been working on supporting the HASS Tier 1 and Tier 2 shelters in our monthly meetings with their foster staff, and we’ve been digging into our objectives and solutions document. We recently started Foster TED Talks, 5-minute presentations at the beginning of every meeting by group members, so we can learn something new at every meeting. As of 12/7/20 we only have 1 recording in the folder, but there will be several added on 12/14.

The foster working group met with foster staff at Tier 1 and Tier 2 shelters to discuss strategies for foster recruitment. The group is also working on creating a rubric to evaluate foster programs and mentoring Tier 1 shelters.

The foster working group has been working on the overall strategy, including the group’s mission and problem statements, and have begun to work with foster points of contact at Tier 1 and 2 pilot organizations. The working group recently had their first monthly meeting between the foster contacts at the pilot organizations where they discussed securing volunteer support for managing foster care. Several of the foster working group members presented on this topic. The group also discussed some preliminary data gathered from these shelters. Here’s a link to this meeting’s recording.

To make the next meeting even more exciting, the foster contacts at the Tier 1 and Tier 2 pilot organizations will have a chance to win over $1,500 in foster supplies from our friends at Greater Good. During the meeting, attendees will be given a quick quiz on the content from the last meeting’s presentations. Winners will have a choice of cat or dog foster supply packs, including items like collars, leashes, blankets, toys, treats and more.

The Foster Working Group is meeting with each Tier 1 shelter in order to gain an in-depth understanding of foster care at each one. With this information, we’ll help them develop their foster-centric organizations  and use what we learn as a model for others. We’ll be having monthly meetings with foster points of contact at shelters on Tiers 1 & 2 and gathering information on peer-to-peer fostering, specialty foster programs and more