Philanthropy – Fundraising

 Determine easy ways that a tier 1 city can increase community financial support especially for non sheltered animals.


Brian Daugherty
Ashlee Droscher

Aaron White
Ashlee Droscher
Ashley Temple
Bailey Deacon
Brian Daugherty
Bridget Bowhay
Erika Wozniak
Jenny Miller
Julian Whitacre
Kat Williams
Kim Youngberg
Laura Starr
Mary Jones
Megan Dennis
Merissa Peeters
Mindy Kolin
Pam Siedler
Regina Kelly
Sara Wolfe Vaughan
Shannon Asquith
Stephanie Sullens
Tami Gosheff
Tanya Ramseth


The Fundraising Group has split into two teams to more effectively address anticipated challenges for the pilot shelters and future HASS participants. The first group is working to identify or, if necessary, help to develop a crowdfunding solution to enable pet owners facing financial hardships to fundraise directly to keep their pets as well as to fund HASS programs. The second group is drafting a playbook to assist shelters in effectively fundraising for HASS programs and non-sheltered animals.

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