Government Body Communications and Policy

Reflecting upon current barriers for HASS implementation, provide local-level guidance, messaging and data to elected officials on the benefits of HASS and innovative animal sheltering services.


Katie Jarl

Allison Cardona
Angela Yates
Angelique Reynoso
Carol Whaley
Cheryl Jones
Davyd Smith
Ed Jamison
Elise Traub
Emily Hovermale
Faith Wright
Irene Borngraeber
Jessica Simpson
Julianna Tetlow
Kathryn Kopanke
Kathy Mock
Katie Barnett
Katie Jarl
Kristen Hassen
Laura Donahue
Ligianel Martinez
Nina Stively
Vince Wong


We sought to collaborate with the community cat working group to learn about the barriers they have uncovered when it comes to policy maker attitudes towards cat issues and identify specific policy barriers to HASS implementation. Will work with legal and cat working group to address those immediate issues and identify where there may be protocols already in place to help alleviate the need for a longer term policy change at the local or state level.

The Government Body Communications Working Group has surveyed the Tier 1 shelter directors to determine what their most immediate needs are in terms of collateral support materials to educate government officials as well as policy barriers that impeded HASS program implementation. We are compiling those results and have split into three subgroups in targeting HASS comms for government officials: 1) Budget Communications, 2) Policy Response 3) Strategic Communications.