Government Body Communications and Policy

Develop tools/arguments to convince city councils, county officials (and state) that HASS is the right thing to do. Develop for 13 communities first.


Laura Donahue and Katie Jarl

Cameron Moore
Cheryl Jones
Davyd Smith
Ed Jamison
Elise Traub
Emily Hovermale
Faith Wright
Jeanne Saadi
Julianna Tetlow
Kathy Mock
Katie Jarl
Kristen Hassen-Auerbach
Laura Donahue
Lindsay Hamrick
Nina Stively
Rebecca Guinn
Vince Wong


The Government Body Communications Working Group has surveyed the Tier 1 shelter directors to determine what their most immediate needs are in terms of collateral support materials to educate government officials as well as policy barriers that impeded HASS program implementation. We are compiling those results and have split into three subgroups in targeting HASS comms for government officials: 1) Budget Communications, 2) Policy Response 3) Strategic Communications.

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