Industry Engagement

Provide local-level and national guidance, messaging and data to the animal welfare industry on the benefits of HASS and innovative animal sheltering services. Create open lines of communication to overcome challenges, barriers and fears that might prevent industry engagement. To help organizations find their identity and encourage collaboration within the HASS model. 


Bobby Mann

Andrea Giorgio
Angela Prodrick
Angyla Brumm
Barbara Vik
Bethany Heins
Bobby Mann
Brandy Buie
Cameron Moore
Carol Whaley
Cole Wakefield
Dominick Lesinski
Dyanna Uchiek
Emily Klehm
Faith Wright
Jennifer Grantham
Kenny Lamberti
Meaghan Colville
MeLissa Webber
Nicole Blume
Nora Vondrell
Robin Vincent
Roxie Randall
Samantha Miller
Spencer Conover
Stacy LeBaron


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