Intake to Placement

 Develop a documented framework that all 13 pilots can agree upon for moving an animal from intake to foster home within 72 hours. Must account for 95% of all animals that enter a shelter.


Danielle Harris and Michele Figueroa

April Moore
Ashley Valm
Caitlin Daly
Christopher Keeney
Cynthia Franco
Danielle Harris
Dorothy Baisly
Faith Wright
Gina Botticello
Heela Homman
Jennifer Turner
Jordana Moerbe
Justin Hadel
Karina Josenhans
Katherine Shields
Kelsey Maccombs
Kerry Moyers Horton
Kylie Boyd
Laura Keith
Lisa Morabito
Mark Sloat
Melissa Saldana
Mike Kaviani
Monica Frenden
Ryan Long
Sally A. Singleton
Sarah Chiles
Vicky Pape
Zarah Hedge


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