Lost and Found

Develop a community framework for proactively preventing pet loss and reuniting lost animals with their owners absent reliance on shelter housing. Encourage comprehensive and standardized reunification programs as an essential function of animal services. 


Gina Knepp - National Shelter Engagement Director for the Michelson Found Animals
Gina Knepp
Bobby Mann

Alexandra Heule
Anastasia Hodge
Bobby Mann
Caroline Laxton
Chelsea Staley
Clayton Gladieux
Dan Krashakov
Dana Eldred
Eliza Torres
Erika Custis
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Gina Knepp
Jessi Culkin
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Kat Albrecht
Kathy Pobloskie
Kim Freeman
Kimble Sorrells
Leslie Poole
Melissa Sharp
Renena McCaskill
Shelly Simmons
Shyanne Schull
Vicki Jones


The Lost and Found working group has primarily been focusing on finalizing a comprehensive module that will serve as a guide for animal shelters in developing robust and actionable approaches to increasing lost pet reunification. The team has also surveyed all of the Tier 1 pilot shelters to drill down even more deeply into what is needed to successfully increase return to owner rates.

No updates yet, check back soon.