Marketing and Communications

Develop marketing and communication materials to be used in pilot cities, as the communities need them, to get community buy-in and understanding of the New System.


Kasey Spain
Kasey Spain
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The HASS Marketing and Communications Working Group continues to look at all key messaging of HASS and how this will be communicated to all of the stakeholders of the project. Our Creative and Content sub-committees meet to discuss outstanding projects for the our working group, creative requests, and brainstorm new ideas for marketing HASS overall and the work that our pilot shelters are doing. The work that our shelters and working groups are doing is so inspirational, and our group is determining the best ways to tell the HASS story through the project platforms and giving resources and tools to our pilot shelters to do the same for their organizations.

The HASS Marketing and Communications Working Group has been working on overall branding elements of HASS, key messaging of the program, the introductory video, setting up social media channels, and the HASS website. We have been setting up the workflow of the group and identifying committees that can help with projects as they come in from the Executive Team, DEI Advisory Group, HASS shelters, and the other working groups. The working group has been identifying all key stakeholders of the project, storytelling ideas for our HASS shelters, any potential issues or barriers there could be associated with the HASS model and organizations getting involved, and buzzwords/key phrases to describe the work that our shelters are doing in their communities.

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