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Kristen Hassen - Director of Pima Animal Care Center
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The Organizational Development working group has been working on developing templates for three different sizes of organizational charts for shelters. Once these are completed, we plan to develop basic position descriptions that will be associated with each organizational chart. In January of 2021, we are taking a look at our strategic goals for the year as well.

The Organizational Development working group has been working on two major tasks in the last month. The first being a survey that we can send to shelters to gather more data about staffing structures and other data needed to develop an organizational chart. The next task has been to begin developing a baseline organizational chart for any shelter to use.

The Organizational Development Working Group is taking a step by step approach to solutions for each obstacle that prevents shelters from sustaining leadership, having a healthy work environment, have enough people to do the jobs correctly, solve for volunteer and staff divisions, work more cohesively with unions and understand what org charts should look like to truly reflect HASS. We hope to have some of these solutions to share with everyone in the next month!

No updates yet, check back soon.

No updates yet, check back soon.

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