Program Sustainability

The goal of the Program Sustainability Working Group is to examine the components of HASS to determine the broad challenges and barriers of implementing and sustaining the programs that will meet the larger HASS goals.


Dr. Ellen Jefferson holding small tabby cat
Dr. Ellen Jefferson

Alex Castelazo
Alison Fechino
Amanda Gatten
Bobby Mann
Brad Shear
Brenda Barnette
Charles Stanton
Chelsea Staley
Christi Metropole
Debra Fair
Donna Casamento
Ellen Jefferson, DVM
Geraldine D’Silva
Gina Knepp
Heather Cammisa
Holly Sizemore
Jennifer Held
Julie Bank
Karalyn Aropen
Kayla Beal
Kristen Hassen
Lindsay Hamrick
Maggie Lynch
Melanie Sadek
Rebecca Guinn
Rory Adams
Shannon Wells
Sharon Harvey
Sheryl Haga
Stephanie Shain
Steve Kaufman


Right now the Program Sustainability working group is reviewing the Strategic Plan from the Executive Team and starting on a set of Master Benchmarking Measures to help standardize the industry.

The Sustainability Working Group is having a LOT of really critical conversations around the things that have divided our industry in the past and the things that have held progress back. We are developing different deliverables to start addressing them such as breaking down industry divides, professionalization of the whole shelter, and conquering industry toxicity. We will host a series of short panel discussions very soon to bring everyone in to these key conversations.

No updates yet, check back soon.

No updates yet, check back soon.

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