To overcome absence of proof that HASS works and is good.


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The Research Working Group has fully implemented the first round of the Research Ambassador program and begun helping the various WGs with their research plans. In particular, we’ve helped with several survey designs and reviews, a formal survey process, and a plan for initial rounds of publication.

The Research Working Group has been organizing the overall research vision of the HASS model (i.e. what are all the moving parts and how do they relate), how those interact with one-health perspectives (i.e. Animal, Human, and Environment interactions), and how that vision relates to the missions of the individual working groups. We are about to begin a program designed to give individualized help and attention to working groups seeking to better understand the space of research related to their mission, design experiments to answer key questions about the efficacy of their ideas, and publish convincing evidence to help shape the future of sheltering and shelter-related research.

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