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Dr. Ellen Jefferson

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We are trying to determine where the government responsibility ends so we can decrease duplication of effort and streamline funding to the right places.

This Role of Privately Funded Orgs in HASS WG has been trying to understand where the responsibility of programming ends for the government funding so that we can clearly articulate how private funds fit in. We hope to analyze the survey results that was sent out early this week to gain a better understanding and make some key recommendations for different stakeholders.

Role of NPO has been challenging because the baseline of care government shelters can provide is so low (minimum stray hold then euthanasia). Working through what the baseline of care should be has been difficult because shelters across the country have such different standards and it is based on each individual city/county/state, etc. Additionally, NPO’s provide a myriad of different services at the discretion of the NPO, often with little or no communication with other NPO’s or the govt shelter.

No updates yet, check back soon.

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