Shelter Education and Outreach

Provide the tools and education necessary to understand the HASS movement and create training programs for organization staff to understand best practices. Based on what we will learn from the Tier 1 organizations and working groups materials will be created for a wider audience. 


Rory Adams - Content Manager, American Pets Alive!
Rory Adams

Amelia Curtis
Amy Duskiewicz
Bryce Strech
Cheryl Jones
Cole Wakefield
Colleen Harrington
Dana Eldred
Erika Ochoa
Erika Shaffer
Faith Wright
Inga Fricke
Jamie Case
Janet Alderson
Justin Bickems
Kat Laskey
Keith Mikus
Kelly Duer
Kim Youngberg
Lisa Ward
Mae Alejandria
Maggie Lynch
Meagan Parks
Michele Figueroa
Renena McCaskill
Rory Adams
Rose Janice
Rosemarie Crawford
Senester King
Tawny Hammond
Terry Spencer


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