Tools and Tech

To determine the networking, call center/dispatch, CRM systems needed to implement HASS.


Steve Porter

Angie Embree
Bonnie Hill
Brian Poon
Dara Ball
Davyd Smith
Faith Wright
Irene Anderson
Jill Dyche
Joshua Frits
Katie Applin
Kim Waters
Leslie Sans
Marian Cannell
Michael Suttles
Mika Munch
Ron Orbas
Steve Porter
Suzanne Wyman
Thomas Cooney


The Tools and Technology Working Group is working on creating a database of technology platforms (both specific to the animal welfare industry and not) and aggregating as much information about each of those platforms such as a description, pricing model and specific case studies. The goal is to create a searchable catalogue of tools to help pilot shelters map a problem to a possible technology solution. Separately, a sub team is working on flushing out a menu of services the tech group can offer to other WGs and Pilot Shelters.

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