Transforming Shelter Clinic into a Foster Clinic

To create a foster centric culture, process and support system within the shelter clinic.


Jordana Moerbe

Amanda Carlyle
Amanda Taylor
Christine Glenn (Dr.)
Elena Battles
Emma Perez-Singh
Eric Knowles
Hazel Elena
Jordana Moerbe
Kelly Duer
Laurie Peek
Louisa Poon
Michael Burk
Nipuni Ratnayaka
Sarah Reardon
Stephanie Miller
Zarah Hedge


The working group is currently reviewing survey results and creating action items based on the responses.

The working group has listed out obstacles to implementing a foster facing clinic. The next step will be creating strategies that can be turned into action items. They have also closed a tier 1 and 2 survey and are working on reading the results.

The working group wrapped up a survey that will be sent to tier 1 and 2 shelters. The group has also been creating several documents that will be used to guide shelters in transforming their shelter clinics to foster centric clinics. A few of these documents are Guiding Principles, Components to Serving People and Pets Well, Obstacles, and a foster training framework.

The Transforming Shelter Clinic Working Group just completed a survey to send to Tier 1 organizations. We went through the research and hypothesis process, and are feeling encouraged about the data we will receive. The team has also completed a “Components to a Successful Foster Facing Clinic” document that focuses on what Tier 1 organizations will need to implement to best serve foster parents and pets. This document has initiated the beginning stages of a training toolbox for HASS shelters.

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