Transforming Shelter Clinic into a Foster Clinic

To create a foster centric culture, process and support system within the shelter clinic.


Jordana Moerbe

Amanda Carlyle
Amanda Taylor
Christine Glenn (Dr.)
Elena Battles
Emma Perez-Singh
Eric Knowles
Hazel Elena
Jordana Moerbe
Kelly Duer
Laurie Peek
Louisa Poon
Michael Burk
Nipuni Ratnayaka
Sarah Reardon
Stephanie Miller
Zarah Hedge


The working group wrapped up a survey that will be sent to tier 1 and 2 shelters. The group has also been creating several documents that will be used to guide shelters in transforming their shelter clinics to foster centric clinics. A few of these documents are Guiding Principles, Components to Serving People and Pets Well, Obstacles, and a foster training framework.

The Transforming Shelter Clinic Working Group just completed a survey to send to Tier 1 organizations. We went through the research and hypothesis process, and are feeling encouraged about the data we will receive. The team has also completed a “Components to a Successful Foster Facing Clinic” document that focuses on what Tier 1 organizations will need to implement to best serve foster parents and pets. This document has initiated the beginning stages of a training toolbox for HASS shelters.

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