To ensure that wildlife has lifesaving options in HASS model.


Jordana Moerbe and Lauren Hamlett

April Moore
Brenda Barnette
Carly Padilla
Casandra Mensing
Chris Schindler
Jordana Moerbe
Kate Rugroden
Laramie Melvin
Lauren DuBois
Lauren Hamlett
Lois Westphal
Lori Sanderson
Mark Sloat
Mike Wheeler
Monica Frenden
Nina Stively
Steven Infante


The Wildlife group is breaking up into two sub-groups and creating beginners “how to” on intake care and intake prevention. Each of the subgroups are led by subject matter experts.

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The Wildlife group has been working on guiding principals that fall in line with the mission statement and has also completed a survey for tier 1 and tier 2 shelters. We had a new member from the Pasadena Humane Wildlife Program join the group and Project Wildlife (with SDHS did a presentation for the group). Both of these shelters are open admission shelters with a wildlife program so their knowledge has been extremely helpful to the group.

In the Wildlife Working Group we just completed a survey and will be starting the question/hypothesis process. We have had very insightful discussions about native, non-native, and exotic species and how shelters have historically handled them and what types of certifications, licenses, and training are available.

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