Keeping Families Together Eviction Response

Use this calculator to find the number of pets facing eviction in your county.

As the country continues to suffer the effects of COVID-19, the animal welfare field is evolving the way we respond to crisis and offer community support. Housing insecurity, although not new, has been exacerbated by the pandemic. The economic hardship faced by so many people will severely impact families and evictions are the next obstacle in the national crisis.

Learn about the why behind this module, terminology you need to know and how to use phase one of this eviction response toolkit.

Animal welfare workers are already doing case management when they find ways to meet animals’ behavior, medical, social, emotional needs and match them with new homes! Now, add the humans.

It is crucial to be able to identify the different languages spoken throughout your community and provide services for families that may not be fluent in English.

Charles and Bud

When Bud ended up at KC Pet Project, the Animal Services Officers recognized him from walking around the neighborhood when they were trying to find the owner of another lost dog. They contacted Bud’s dad, Charles, and let him know they would bring Bud home after removing his tumor and providing some pet supplies. Thanks to Animal Services Officers being out in the community, they were able to recognize Bud and get him home to Charles.

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