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Teri Rockhold
Teri Rockhold


Fresno Humane Animal Services Provided over 500 free microchips to community members during the month of March. FHAS continues to remove barriers for lost pets getting home by eliminating reclaim fees and providing medical treatment for pets of the unhoused at no additional charge.

Fresno Humane Animal Services (Director, Teri Rockhold) was contacted by a woman who had been turned away by several local shelters and veterinary offices for medical assistance for her dog that had been hit by a car. She had resigned herself to the fact that she’d have to relinquish “Fatso” to get him the care he needed. Instead of having to give up her loving pet, FHAS HASS’ed this situation and Fatso saw a veterinarian partner. After several x-rays it was determined that all Fatso needed was a round of antibiotics and some restricted activity. 

Joseph, a gentleman who has visited several of our clinics and had his dog spayed through our program arrived at the shelter with his ShepherdX Lilly. Joseph came with the intent to surrender her to us. Lilly had an infected laceration that he could not afford to treat…so we HASS’ed it ! We had Lilly’s laceration repaired, Joseph is beyond grateful (and a wonderful neighborhood spokesman for us) and both continue on TOGETHER.

Fresno Humane’s response to the Creek Fire was a crash course in HASS element implementation! Out temporary evacuation shelter required partnerships for sharing the load, telehealth to monitor the sick/injured on site, case management to insure the best care for the array of pets, volunteers to assist with daily care, remote tech help to respond to public requests for field assistance, public safety and animal protection for the ultimate goal of GETTING PETS BACK HOME & KEEPING FAMILIES TOGETHER.

With wildfires happening in California, Fresno Humane Animal Services set up an evacuation shelter for pets supported by donations of food, litter, paper towels, and other necessary items. During situations like this, people often are put in positions where they can’t take their animals with them and need temporary help.

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