Jenifer Reed

Jenifer Reed and dog

Maddie’s® Program Implementation Trainer

Jenifer Reed is the Maddie’s® Program Implementation Trainer and previously served as an Embedded Data Coordinator for Human Animal Support Services. Prior to HASS, she was part of the research team that carried out the Maddie’s Fund® Nationwide Fostering study, which focused on implementing and collecting data on foster programming in animal shelters across the country. In this role, she supported shelters launching emergency foster and safety net foster programs. However, much of her experience is in animal sheltering, having spent several years in various roles at a high-volume local shelter in Knoxville, TN. She managed the volunteer program, contributing to program growth by expanding volunteer programs and training. Later, she managed the behavior program, leading a team to increase lifesaving and improve the welfare of shelter pets. Jenifer has a passion for supporting shelter workers in their efforts, helping them serve people and pets through innovation.