Jordana Moerbe

Maddie’s® Medical Program Advisor

Jordana Moerbe is the Maddie’s® Medical Program Advisor for American Pets Alive! and a member of the Human Animal Support Services project. As the Medical Program Advisor she leads with and teaches animal welfare professions about managing and leading a successful high volume shelter clinic. Jordana has helped numerous shelters stop and recover from disease outbreaks and has provided countless hours of in-person support. Before this position, Jordana was a founding member and Clinic Manager of the Austin Pets Alive! Medical Clinic which today has the capacity to treat upwards of 200+ medical cases at any given time as well as support the Parvo Puppy ICU, Neonatal ICU, Feline Leukemia Ward, the Ringworm Ward, and provides guidance on distemper care to shelters and people around the world.

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