Mara Hartsell

Mara Hartsell sitting with a black and white dog

Shelter Support Advisor

Mara Hartsell serves as a Shelter Support Advisor, who partners with municipal shelters across the country looking to enhance their operations and build for resiliency. She performs site visits and assessments that empower professionals with best practices and customized solutions that help them achieve positive change at their organizations.

Prior to this, Mara was the Director of Rosenberg Animal Control & Shelter. In her previous role, Mara was tasked with transforming a low-resource animal control facility into a community-centric No Kill shelter. Within the first year of her leadership, Rosenberg reduced its shelter deaths by more than 25%, increased its adoptions by 89%, and boosted its fundraising by 260%. Rosenberg achieved an average Live Release Rate of 95% for three consecutive years under her tenure.

Before switching to animal welfare, Mara built a career in adult basic education and in higher education. Case management was foundational in all of her former roles, and it informs her work as a consultant today. Her recommendations are grounded in team-based care processes that make every individual a better case manager. These processes improve a shelter’s quality of service, its staff morale, and its potential for greater live outcomes. Regardless of a shelter’s starting point, Mara is happy to meet them where they are, take stock of their individual needs, and help them achieve their visions.