Rory Adams

Maddie's® Training and Education Manager

Rory works for American Pets Alive!, a national animal welfare organization whose vision is to create a world where all shelter animals are valued and given a true chance at life. Previously, Rory worked as the Education Specialist for Maddie’s Fund®, where he created, developed, and implemented the Maddie’s Apprenticeship and Fellowship programs. With over 15 years of experience in the field, Rory’s work includes founding Tucson Pets Alive, a foster-based rescue saving the lives of animals who were at risk in the municipal shelter, working as the shelter director of a small shelter, and as the primary caretaker at a farm animal sanctuary. 

Rory is committed to leading from the margins and utilizing feminist frameworks to foster equitable, diverse, and inclusive spaces that celebrate the connection between people and animals. Rory’s areas of expertise include: utilizing systems thinking approach in animal welfare, working at the intersection between social justice and animal welfare, teaching, and developing the next generation of animal welfare leaders. 

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