External Facing Medical Care

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Many animals are brought in or surrendered to shelters due to medical issues that an owner/guardian cannot afford to treat but wants to keep their pets. There is usually no option for low cost, free or incremental full service medicine due to laws, vet associations and lack of willing providers. This is also complicated by the lack of data to help understand how to target a solution to an affordable level while preventing 100% of owned (but wanted) medical shelter intake.

In-Shelter Support Care Program

In-Shelter Care is a shelter-based medical program to prevent relinquishment due to urgent medical needs when the shelter can legally provide medical care to owned animals.

Utilizing Existing Veterinary Practices to Provide External Facing Medical Care

Use this guide to create a PASS Program and collaborate with veterinary hospitals in your community.

Starting a Facility from Scratch

 This how-to will guide you in the process of creating an external-facing medical facility that may be linked to a shelter or completely stand-alone.

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The Jaimes Family and Coco

Coco and the Jaimes Family

Coco, the Jaimes’ family two month old chihuahua needed medical care and the cost the vet quoted was not feasible for the family. The KC Pet Project Pet Support team wanted to help and told the Jaimes family about their Pet Care Assistance Program. Through this program, Coco and the Jaimes family were able to stay together.

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