Getting Started

If you’ve made the decision to start implementing Human Animal Support Services at your organization. This page will help you lay the foundation of HASS.

Become a HASS Partner Organization

Piloting a New Program

Starting a new program can feel overwhelming at times! But, we’ve got your back with a free resource to plan your new pilot program. This resource includes tips and a worksheet-style questionnaire to get you started.

New Positions in the HASS Model

With new kinds of work, comes new roles. In this resource, we’ve included job descriptions for several potential new roles you might need when implementing HASS programming. 


We have three amazing resources for language. Whether you are looking for specifics around HASS, animal welfare, or DEI efforts, we’ve got you covered.

Understanding HASS Terminology

Welcome to the wonderful world of HASS! You may be wondering what various acronyms, engagement opportunities, and more are. This terminology guide will help.

Animal Welfare Glossary for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As we change the way we work, we should consider the way we speak and how diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts fit into the puzzle of animal services. This glossary can help.

Animal Welfare Jargon Glossary

Brand new to animal welfare? Or, maybe you’ve come across a term you don’t know? The Animal Welfare Jargon Glossary contains many common terms you’ll come across .

To understand the basics, take the Human Animal Support Services: Animal Sheltering Reimagined course on Maddie's® University.

Before You Start Building New Programs

Take a look at our toolkits and resources for marketing, fundraising, and technology to support the implementation of Human Animal Support Services.

Human Animal Support Services & HeARTs Speak Communications Kits

When you begin to implement HASS, it’s important to keep how you talk with your community about it front-of-mind. That’s why we’ve created a series of communications kits in collaboration with HeARTs Speak for organizations of any size and budget.

Funding HASS Programming

In order to implement new programs in your organizations, funding is a necessary piece of the puzzle. 

The Philanthropy, Development, and Fundraising toolkit was developed to help you drive your mission forward and bring ideas from concept to reality.

Tools and Technology to Implement HASS

Technology is a must these days, but sometimes it’s hard to know what to use when! Check out the Human Animal Support Services Technology Catalog to view crowdsourced information on the best tools and technology out there.

Discover how to implement the elements of Human Animal Support Services by viewing our Element Toolkits.