Human Animal Support Services & HeARTs Speak Communications Kits

These marketing and communications toolkits are created in collaboration with HeARTs Speak. Now, organizations have access to communications resources about the HASS elements, no matter your size or budget. Find talking points, press release templates, editable graphics, hand-picked resources and more to help your communicate with your community!

Community-focused animal sheltering means engaging the entire community in caring for our pets and supporting families with safety net services that keep companion animals in homes.

Keeping families together centers around the idea that people who love their pets should not have to be separated from them, but should instead be met with services designed to keep the human-animal bond intact.

Help keep your community informed about the humane and effective programs that support both free-roaming and owned cats, and you’ll be spreading awareness about their importance while also getting more involvement which in turn helps keep cats safe and keep families together.

To get more pets into foster homes, marketing and fostering have to work together to keep messaging steady and consistent, and we’ve created this kit with that in mind.

This communications kit is intended to help animal organizations talk to the public about space crises in ways that will motivate people to take action. Offer different ways of talking about being at crisis capacity without loosing the message.

Reuniting animals with their families help keep people and pets together, and ensures shelters aren’t filled with pets that have a home. This communications kit will help you talk with your community about how to get lost pets back home faster.

When it comes to medium and large dogs, they face some of the most unique challenges both within our sheltering systems and within the community. This kit will help you communicate about the many ways that people can help your organization to help more big dogs

Supported self-rehoming is a way for organizations to help people find new homes for their pets, without those pets ever needing to enter the physical shelter. This kit will help raise awareness with pet owners about what self-rehoming is, how it can benefit their pets, and how your organization can support them through the process.