The New Work of Animal Welfare


Created by: The HASS Organizational Development and HR Working Group

As animal welfare organizations around the nation embrace Human Animal Support Services, and community-centered sheltering, new positions are being created and hired at a rapid rate. These positions are designed to support the implementation and sustainability of the HASS Elements and many shelters are discovering a huge return on investment after changing their staffing strategy. 

The Positions

Community Case Worker/Case Manager

KC Pet Project recently hired two social work case managers to help keep more pets with their families. 

Lifeline Animal Project established a caseworker position responsible for providing support and assistance to pet owners, community volunteers, and partners.

Lawrence Humane Society is hiring a community caseworker to form partnerships and deliver services to the community. 

Pima Animal Care Center employs two public health nurses to work alongside their animal protection unit to provide a One Health approach to tackling hoarding and neglect.

South Suburban Humane Society hired a Community Resource Coordinator

Denver Animal Shelter has support services caseworkers called Community Navigators.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategist

American Pets Alive hired a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategist, the first full-time position created to center anti-racism and equity in a national animal welfare organization. 

Dog Case Manager for “At Risk” Dogs

Pima Animal Care Center has an at-risk dog case manager to provide dedicated help for dogs facing shelter decline and possible behavioral euthanasia.

Human Animal Support Services Manager

Pima Animal Care Center has a Human Animal Support Services Manager position that oversees the implementation of the HASS elements.

HASS Foster Coordinator

Pima Animal Care Center has four foster coordinators for each group of animals needing the most foster support.

Michigan Humane, Lifeline Animal Project, KC Pet Project, and Pima Animal Care Center all have safety net foster programs to provide foster support for owned pets. 

Sample Volunteer Foster Assistant position.

Intake to Placement Manager/Coordinator

Pima Animal Care Center has an intake to placement manager.

KC Pet Project has an intake-to-placement manager (canine). 

Fredericksburg SPCA has a placement coordinator.

Lost Pet Reunification

Pima Animal Care Center has a dedicated Lost Pet Reunification Specialist – some of their duties listed here

San Diego Humane Society has a Lost and Found Assistant and a Lost and Found Supervisor.

Denver Animal Shelter has volunteer lost pet detectives.

KC Pet Project renamed their lost and found coordinator position to return to home coordinator.

Stray Support Squad and Good Neighbors Volunteer Programs at Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

Animal Control, Animal Protection, and Outreach

Austin Animal Center has an Animal Protection Officer position.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control has an outreach specialist position.

Pet Retention, Supported Self-Rehoming

Austin Pets Alive recently hired a Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender (PASS) Coordinator to manage their social media-based pet retention program. The PASS Facebook group provides a working example of facilitated, peer-to-peer, self-rehoming.

Pet Support

El Paso Animal Services has a position called pet support manager

Pima Animal Care Center has several pet support specialists who provide remote services to pet owners facing challenges or barriers to keeping their pets. 

Gateway Pet Guardians has a community pet support manager.

Denver Animal Shelter has a community navigator position.

Kansas City Pet Project has a Pet Support Center Manager & Pet Support Specialist.

Pet support supervisor position description sample.

Volunteer pet support specialist description sample.