What happens when the outdated system of care inevitably collapses?

2024 Call for Change

As we speak, thousands of front-line shelter staff grapple with over-filled kennels, make ends meet through severely under-funded operations, work around the clock hours, and face daily exposure to traumatic crisis situations that require expert, emergency care. The current substandard system does not address the complex needs of the community and can take advantage of shelter care workers. Though their responsibilities are matters of life-and-death, the industry is often left with the ability to only provide bandaid solutions for people and pets in need. 
The HASS project philosophy, collaboratively built by hundreds of animal welfare professionals who believe it is the only hope forward, believes it’s time to take action and address the desperate need of shelter staff and our communities. We do this by providing a new roadmap toward effective, measurable and impactful change in and out of shelter doors. 
It’s in the name: Human Animal Support Services, and it’s time we exemplify who we truly are for our colleagues and communities in need. 

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