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The HASS education team strives to provide equitable access to the tools and resources needed to create a community-centric animal shelter system.
From collaborating with industry leaders to identify operational gaps, to full-scope development of proprietary resources rooted in honoring the human and animal bond, HASS is reimagining the animal welfare industry through innovative yet achievable implementation tactics.

Core Pathways to Community-Centric Sheltering

Our core pathways and supporting elements address the key areas of need in animal and human welfare

HASS Education and Implementation - Pet Support Services - KC Pet Project working with community member and his dog

Pet Support Services

Community services identified or developed by a shelter to assist pets and people in need

HASS Education and Implementation - Lost Pet Reunification - San Diego Humane Society field services officer carrying a small dog

Lost Pet Reunification

Shelter services that prioritize reuniting pets with their families before joining a shelter system

HASS Education and Implementation - Supported Self-Rehoming - Woman petting a black cat

Supported Self-Rehoming

Programs that enable the community to participate in the process of finding new homes for their pets without having to enter a shelter

HASS Education and Implementation - Intake to Placement - Person petting a dog outside of Pima Animal Care Center


Process taking in animals in need and identifying or placing them in the best environment available

Supportive Elements

Role of the Facility - HASS Education and Implementation

Role of the Facility

Field Services and Public Safety - HASS Education and Implementation

Field Services & Public Safety

Remote Customer Service - HASS Education and Implementation

Remote Customer Service

Case Management - HASS Education and Implementation


The Foster-Centric Model - HASS Education and Implementation

The Foster-Centric Model

Community Partnerships - HASS Education and Implementation

Community Partnerships

Volunteer Integration - HASS Education and Implementation

Volunteer Integration

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Related Resources

HASS Government Communications Guide - Women chatting and holding a puppy at an Austin Pets Alive! policy event

Government Communications

How to professionalize the way animal shelters collaborate with local governments, advocate for a community’s collective needs and garner shelter support.

Philanthropy and Fundraising - Pink haired woman holding a cat at Austin Pets Alive! - Human Animal Support Services

Philanthropy & Fundraising

Best practices to ensure all staff are positioned to effectively promote philanthropy and can articulate a case for support to  fulfill an organization’s fundraising goals.

How to Pilot a Program - Woman at a kennel at Pima Animal Care Center - Human Animal Support Services

How to Pilot a Program

A “back to basics” roadmap detailing how to developing a new animal welfare program or community service initiative. Guide - woman with a cat around her shoulders at Pima Animal Care Center - Human Animal Support Services​

A welfare organization’s path to use this HASS-exclusive platform to promote available services and connect community members with local free or low-cost programs.

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