Policy & Government

Local Advocates, National Impact

The HASS policy team consists of tenured legal advisors and elected appointees actively working to advocate for the rights of people and pets alike. 
With expertise in local, state, and federal policy development, government affairs, and the legislative process, our policy team is at the pulse of some of the nation’s leading community-centric legislative initiatives. 

Our Support Services

Local Policy Advisement

Through customized consultation efforts, our policy team actively collaborates with animal welfare organizations across the United States to audit, revise, and propose community-centric legislation to their local or state governments. These initiatives directly impact shelter operations and ability to better serve their communities.

National Legislation Tracking

With the ever-changing fluidity that comes with federal legislation development, HASS is on the ground level of tracking, influencing, and advocating for U.S.-national bills, policies and law making. The policy team keeps welfare organizations informed of these changes and how they’re directly impacted.

Government Relations

Understanding the nuances that often hinder animal welfare organizations ability to successfully collaborate with local government entities, HASS provides animal shelters with government relations resources to effectively communicate with municipal parties, source funding, and garner positive community support. 

HASS State Legislative Tracker

Access the tracker by clicking the button below and using this password: APGLT

HASS State Legislative Tracker Map


HASS Government Communications Guide - Women chatting and holding a puppy at an Austin Pets Alive! policy event

Government Communications

How to professionalize the way animal shelters collaborate with local governments, advocate for a community’s collective needs and garner shelter support

Philanthropy and Fundraising - Pink haired woman holding a cat at Austin Pets Alive! - Human Animal Support Services

Philanthropy & Fundraising

Best practices to ensure all staff are positioned to effectively promote philanthropy and can articulate a case for support to  fulfill an organization’s fundraising goals

Human Animal Support Services (HASS) Announces 2024 Policy Platform & Agenda

2024 HASS Policy Platform

The goals of the HASS policy agenda are to craft and advocate for state and federal laws that honor the human-animal bond and address the root causes of inequity within U.S. communities

pets.findhelp.com Guide - woman with a cat around her shoulders at Pima Animal Care Center - Human Animal Support Services


A welfare organization’s path to use this HASS-exclusive platform to promote available services and connect community members with local free or low-cost programs 

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