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Rooted in Research

The HASS data and research team provides evidence to support the transition to the revolutionary new model for human-animal services and showcases the many benefits for people and pets. Pivotal to HASS’s development, our data and research efforts inform the work of the HASS policy, education, and communications teams and guide the implementation of HASS’s community-centered programs and practices.

Data Drives Action

HASS model implementation is guided by the detailed, animal-level data collected and studied by HASS analysts. Our team is able to inform quantitative data with a rich qualitative understanding of where it is coming from and how it impacts sheltering. HASS datasets and ground-breaking research is unrivaled in the animal welfare industry, extending information gathering beyond shelters to understand the broader needs people and pets across communities and respond with data-informed actions that support them.

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of lost dogs returned to their families from a shelter were found within a mile from their home, one third were found only one block away

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National and HASS data show that owner-relinquished pets are a major driver of shelter populations; We seek alternatives to reduce this metric

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In a survey conducted within nine HASS pilot shelter communities, most families that had surrendered an animal wished for additional resources that would have allowed keeping it

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In nine HASS pilot shelter communities, nearly half of pet-parent survey respondents faced housing restrictions or struggled to afford housing in the last three years

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Data-Focused Resources

Lost and Found- Working with Your Community to Get More Lost Pets Home

Return to Home (RTH) Benchmarking Tool

This tool estimates an appropriate goal or benchmark for the dog-only return to home (RTH) rate for individual organizations.

Building Programs Based on Intake Data - Human Animal Support Services - medical case dog being intaked

Building Programs Based on Intake Data

How to obtain, evaluate, and implement intake data for shelter programing and operations.

The HASS Budget Calculator

Calculate an organization’s ideal budget based on each community needs.

Rehoming Technology Guide - Woman holding kitten and working at a desk at LifeLine Animal Project - Human Animal Support Services Data and Research

Social Return on Investment (SROI) in Supporting Human-Animal Bonds

This curated collection of research details the evidence for the benefits of human-animal bonds, along with obstacles in maintaining them.

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