Animal Welfare Legislation: Let HASS Help You Be an Effective Advocate in Your State

Tackling big policy issues can feel daunting for people and organizations busy carrying out the daily operations of an animal shelter. But government advocacy is a key part of animal welfare. 

It is critically important that animal shelters and rescues are on top of—and involved with—the laws and policies that affect them, and the people and pets in their community.

American Pets Alive! and the HASS project are here to help.

Whether you need assistance with the creation of new laws and regulations, supplemental materials to share with lawmakers, guidance on engaging elected officials, building grassroots support, or providing testimony at a hearing, our team is here.

American Pets Alive! is also tracking animal welfare legislation in the states where you find HASS tier one organizations, so you don’t have to wade through hundreds of individual bills that are introduced every year to identify those that affect you and your organization.

Please take a moment to look at the companion animal bills that passed in your state in 2021

Our advocacy arm, Texas Pets Alive!, worked closely on the bills in Texas and we were proud to collaborate directly with the sponsors to pass two of these critical pieces of legislation. SB 197, our priority bill, eliminates sales tax requirements for all adoptions in the state. HB 604 requires all shelters and releasing agencies to check pets for a microchip, ensuring more pets get home to the people that love them.

We can help in your states, too.

First, use these bill tracking tools to learn about new laws. Next, we encourage our shelter partners to reach out to our team for help before state lawmakers head into a new session in 2022.

Email for more information on what we can do to support your absolutely essential state-level government advocacy.


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