Mike Wheeler

Director of Community Services, Cabot Animal Support Services

Mike Wheeler is the Director of Community Services for Cabot Arkansas. Cabot Animal Support Services is second in the State of Arkansas for animal intake. Over the last 12 years, he has been dedicated to animal welfare and public safety while reducing euthanasia and promoting responsible pet ownership laws in Cabot, Arkansas. Under his direction the City of Cabot has become a humane city that saves more than 99% of all animals they encounter. He created successful legislation such as: Cabot becoming the first city in the state where “No Kill” is mandated by law, laws ensuring community cats have the freedom to live in their natural environment, laws understanding the individuality of animals, and legislative language empowering Animal Support Services to reduce or waive any fees/policies when it is in the best interest of the animal or the community. Under Mike’s leadership the city-operated, open-admission shelter provides over 25 community programs designed to enhance and secure the human/animal bond within his community. His “solutions – not excuses” philosophy filters down through his staff as is evident through the department’s accomplishments with only 5 staff.

Mike’s passion for animal welfare and public policy has driven him to the position of President of the Arkansas State Animal Control Association. In this capacity, he formalized training of animal control officers. He assists Animal Service Departments across the State write and implement new laws dedicated to higher standards for animal welfare and public safety. 

Mike’s philosophy is one that is based on continuous learning in an ever-changing world. Over the last 10 years Mike has not only started college but now holds degrees in Criminal Justice and Business Administration with a Master’s degree in Public Administration.