Pet Homelessness Shouldn’t Be Happening: Here’s How Companies and Individuals Can Help

Despite Americans’ overall affection for pets, the reality is that at any given time nearly 48 million cats and dogs don’t have a home in the U.S. For years, workers and volunteers at animal shelters have faced an uphill battle as they selflessly combat pet homelessness. 

At the forefront of this massive challenge is Dr. Ellen Jefferson, an animal welfare advocate, longtime pet shelter veterinarian, and president and CEO of the Texas animal shelter Austin Pets Alive.

TriplePundit spoke with Dr. Jefferson from her office in Austin to learn more about this ongoing problem and how individuals and companies can help to tackle pet homelessness. She also put to rest some common assumptions that many of us still hold about why countless dogs and cats cannot find safe and loving homes, and she speaks to new research from Mars Petcare, the world’s leading pet care company by revenue, about the state of pet homelessness globally and the role of private-sector partners in creating a world where all pets are wanted, cared for and welcome.