What Are Your Rights When It Comes to Your Apartment’s Pet Policy?

Renters have certain rights when it comes to bringing a service dog, emotional support animal or companion pet into their apartment.

Most pet owners will say that their beloved pet is part of their family, but if you rent an apartment, condo or house, you may be subject to a few rules when it comes to pet ownership.

“Companion animals provide us with so much and are integral members of the family for most Americans,” says Katie Jarl, director of government affairs and policy at American Pets Alive!. “And for those with disabilities or special needs, these animals are actual lifesavers and awarded special protections under the law.”

Housing and rental restrictions are the leading causes for people to be forced to separate from their pets, Jarl says, making it essential for pet owners to know their rights, especially those with service animals and support animals. “It’s something that we need to tackle from a national perspective,” Jarl adds.

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