Cabot Animal Support Services

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Mike Wheeler
Mike Wheeler


Cabot Animal Support Services launched their “Fences for Fido’s” repair program to help keep pets with their families. Officer Koder successfully located the owner of two lost dogs in the field. When she arrived at the home she noticed the fence was broken off the hinges. Instead of impounding the dogs, Officer Koder was able to secure the gate to the fence by wiring it shut using supplies donated by Whit Davis Lumber Plus until the owner could get the hinges replaced. The owner was very thankful for the safe return of their pets and the help they received with their fencing.

Cabot Animal Support Services (Director, Mike Wheeler) has been fundraising for microchip scanners to be placed at each fire station and feed store in the city. This would mean that community members would not have to wait until the shelter is open to have a found pet scanned for a microchip.

Our working cat program is getting some traction! The cats that go into the working cat program are those who can’t be released back where they are found. These working cats are finding new homes in barns and on properties that need pest control. The working cats who are waiting for their forever homes are currently being held in our catio but are getting a shiny new enclosure soon.

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We are so excited to grow our foster program. We have developed a sleep over and field trip (Adventure Tails) portion which has been really well accepted and has recently resulted in the adoption of pets in our care. We look forward to growing this program and others as we understand the needs of our community and companion animals.

The Cabot Animal Support Services has been extremely busy moving personnel and funding around to maximize our implementation of the HASS Elements. This included shifting/increasing job responsibilities, where needed, so we could hire essential positions including a programs coordinator and a marketing/fundraising coordinator without increasing payroll. Since our acceptance into HASS we have expanded our food pantry to include a home delivery service as well as partnering with churches and other human food banks to provide pet food weekly for distribution. Our new program, “The First 48”, was implemented to allow the community the option of caring for strays while we help them find their owners during the first 48 hours. We have also brought technology to our community to assist with owners looking to find their lost pets or those wishing to rehome their pets. These programs are complemented by our new “street team” who not only delivers food but also provides fence repairs and shuttles to vet services. All of this has required us to not only reimagine what our personnel and funding needs to look like but also our facilities as we converted our neonatal kitten building, which is now covered through fostering, into the main hub for Animal Support Services. All aspects of what we do now revolves around this hub to include the “animal shelter” and “animal control departments”. As community needs are discovered through data derived from our new case management style of animal services, we will reevaluate, expand, and develop new programs.