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LA Animal Services received over $50,000 in donations to support their Spay and Neuter Trust Fund. They also provided meals for over 3,200 pets in their community to support the human-animal bond. To promote their new programs, LAAS partnered with Lucy Pet Foundation to host media segments on behavioral training and adoptions. 

The Los Angeles City Council approved the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) regarding free-roaming cats at their December 9, 2020 meeting. This has been a long journey and LA Animal Services is grateful to the Mayor’s Office, the City Council, the Department of Engineering, the City Attorney’s Office, the Board of Animal Services Commissioners, ICF Consulting, Margaret Slater, DVM, Ph.D., Senior Director, Research Strategy & Research at the ASPCA®, and the CAOs Office with special notice of Council members Koretz and Blumenfield for their support. Yes, it took a village and we still have work to do! There are next steps that will involve developing and rolling out the related programs such as staff training, public education, systems to track spay/neuter of free-roaming cats, engagement of spay/neuter veterinarians, and more. We look forward to beginning the planning and development of these next steps early in 2021. LA Animal Services also reached a milestone at the close of 2020 by achieving a 90.49 percent save rate. Achieving a 90 percent life save rate means dogs and cats who enter our Centers are expected to be reunited back with their families (if lost), adopted into a new home, or placed with a rescue partner.

We have introduced Kitten Foster Mentors who are made up of some of our most experienced cat volunteers. These Kitten Foster Mentors are designated to answer questions and offer support to new kitten foster families. When an individual or family picks up their foster kitten, they are provided with a Kitten Foster Mentor. Fosters are encouraged to reach out to these mentors for non-urgent advice as well as questions related to feeding, litterbox training, socialization, etc.

In our continued effort to provide additional resources to help reunite lost pets with their families, our LA City Lost and Found Pets page on Facebook has surpassed 4,000 members who post diligently on the site. To create further awareness of this online resource, LA Animal Services has begun featuring a lost pet from LA City Lost and Found Pets onto the Department’s Facebook page, which provides an additional channel to showcase the pet, and increasing their chances to find their way back home.

LA Animal Services introduced the Home To Home rehoming program for people who can no longer keep their dogs, cats, or other animals the opportunity to find new, loving homes without having to take pets to our Centers, so pets can go from their current home into a new home. In just the first month of implementation, we’ve received more than 50+ submissions to feature on the site, resulting in these pets not having to enter our shelters. In addition, to further create awareness of the new program, we have been featuring a pet from Home To Home on our LA Animal Services’ Facebook page, prompting one post of a puppy named Lexi receiving more than 600+ likes in the first day of posting!

Los Angeles Animal Services launched Home To Home this past week. We are excited to include this program in our resources for owners to help reduce intake and increase lifesaving.

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