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Brenda Barnette
Brenda Barnette


LA Animal Services introduced the Home To Home rehoming program for people who can no longer keep their dogs, cats, or other animals the opportunity to find new, loving homes without having to take pets to our Centers, so pets can go from their current home into a new home. In just the first month of implementation, we’ve received more than 50+ submissions to feature on the site, resulting in these pets not having to enter our shelters. In addition, to further create awareness of the new program, we have been featuring a pet from Home To Home on our LA Animal Services’ Facebook page, prompting one post of a puppy named Lexi receiving more than 600+ likes in the first day of posting!

Los Angeles Animal Services launched Home To Home this past week. We are excited to include this program in our resources for owners to help reduce intake and increase lifesaving.

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