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Ann Dunn
Ann Dunn


Oakland Animal Services is diving right into Intake to Placement for cats. Our Project Manager, Monica Fender, kindly paid a visit to help facilitate and guide us in the right direction. We went over OAS philosophy, how to help the community keep cats out of the shelter, how to empower our staff with the correct information, and discussed more partnerships within our community. 

Oakland Animal Services (Director, Ann Dunn) Oakland Animal Services is continuing to roll out their Finder Foster Program. They started the pilot program in October 2020 and so far 17 animals have been kept out of the shelter via the Finder Foster Program: 3 were reunited with their owner, 2 were transferred to a partner organization, and 12 were adopted by the finder or finder’s friend.

OAS held our first community outreach clinic offering free pet food, vaccines and microchips to our community on Sunday Nov 22. It was a big success with 33 animals served at the clinic, 30 dogs and 3 cats. A few animals also received follow up care at the shelter.

Oakland Animal Services has started a volunteer team called ROAM (Reuniting Oakland’s AniMals) that will help reunite animals that are brought into the shelter. They have started posting found animals on Nextdoor. We have started reuniting dogs quicker using this tool is fully ran by volunteers. We have reunited a few animals so far that wouldn’t have made it back home unless for our volunteers posted on Nextdoor.

Oakland Animal Services is getting ready to launch a monthly pop up outreach clinic at homeless shelter sites in Oakland. We have be doing exams, vaccinations, microchips, pet food, and supplies. We will also be offering spay and neuter services at our shelter and other medical surgeries that might be needed.

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