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Donna Casamento
Donna Casamento


Palm Valley Animal Society have recently reallocated a position to an Intake to Placement/Diversion Coordinator. During the month of March, 712 pets left PVAS to rescue partners throughout the country. They also distributed more than 50 pallets of pet food and supplies from Greater Good and HSUS. This donation of food was shared with local rescue partners and people of the community through the Pet Food Pantry. Additionally, they have a meeting scheduled with their contracted Animal Control agencies to develop better opportunities to support people and their animals in the field. 

Palm Valley Animal Society (Director, Donna Casamento) was able to increase staffing in their foster department as a result of funds acquired through the Maddie’s Fund HASS Grant. As a result, their foster placements increased by 70% during a two week period and are continuing to grow. Over the last month, they have been rebuilding the entire intake program and identifying specific data collection points to better enable us to track our progress as they“HASSit”.

Using HASS principles as we are negotiating contracts with our local municipal agencies has been really eye-opening. We are able to start the needed dialog to foster change with backup from not just our organization but a coalition of other agencies that are moving in the same direction as we are here at Palm Valley Animal Society. We are now regularly scheduling our Pet Food Pantry and Vaccine Clinics each month to help serve our community.

HASS has truly been transformative for PVAS. Since our involvement, individual team members participating in the working groups have not only gained knowledge in best practices and appreciated all of the support they have received from other participants, but they have begun to think differently about the impact we can have and all we can accomplish in our community.

We have held two pet food pantries for the community and are resuming vaccine clinics for the public on October 10th. We are revamping our Foster and Volunteer programs to be more proactive and build better relationships with those who participate.

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