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Gary Weitzman
Dr. Gary Weitzman


San Diego Humane President and CEO, Gary Weitzman was featured in this article on The Washington Post.

San Diego Humane Society successfully launched our adoption ambassador program and 7 animals were adopted the within the first few days, directly from foster!

San Diego Humane Society is piloting a program with rideshare app Uber to help pet owners and their animals with transportation needs.

Through partnerships with local veterinary offices, San Diego Humane Society have soft-launched a spay/neuter voucher program to help more pet owners in our communities access important services.

San Diego Humane Society’s participation in HASS is an evolution of our existing safety net work. We have always been dedicated to both ends of the leash, with programs that support animals and the people who love them. HASS philosophy further supports our mission, vision and values.

San Diego Humane Society looked carefully into data and found that nearly 3,000 animals who entered our shelter as a stray last year, and who were reclaimed by their owners, were found within a mile of their home. With HASS we are looking at how we can take a deeper community centered approach to support getting these animals home quicker. San Diego Humane Society is expanding return-to-owner (RTO) efforts with resources and communication to high-intake communities about what to do when you find a stray pet. We are also placing microchip scanners in those same communities, for example at fire stations and libraries, so pets can return home faster without having to come to the shelter first.

San Diego Humane Society has partnerships with over a 100 local veterinary offices. With our focus on supporting humans and animals, we have been able to secure funding to expand our vet voucher program to support owners in getting their pets medical care when needed. We also partner with other human and animal social service groups to provide a holistic approach in pulling resources together!

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