Building a Positive Workplace Culture—Why It Matters and How To Do It

The animal welfare industry is understaffed and facing worker turnover, like employers around the country. The effects are dire: animal shelter workers are burned out, and animals’ lives are at risk. But in the face of these challenges, Pasco County Animal Services (PCAS) in Florida has zero vacant positions, and hasn’t had an opening in an entry level position in over 14 months. PCAS Assistant Director Spencer Conover attributes this success to a positive workplace culture, built through inspiration, leadership, recognition, equal pay, and training. In this webinar, Spencer will discuss how PCAS created and sustains its positive workplace culture, and how you can easily adapt these methods to your workplace to help better retain team members and build a positive workplace culture of your own. Watch this exciting webinar, Building a Positive Workplace Culture – Why It Matters and How to Do It, hosted by Spencer Conover, Assistant Director of Pasco County Animal Services.

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