Crisis Sheltering for Pets: Keeping People and Pets Together

There are times when someone can’t take care of their pet on a temporary basis, because of a medical emergency, loss of housing, or another short-term crisis. The traditional sheltering response is to permanently separate the pet from their owner, but more and more organizations are providing crisis sheltering instead—boarding the pet at the shelter, or placing them in a foster home, for a limited amount of time. How does crisis sheltering work, and how can you get started? We’ve gathered experts from multiple crisis sheltering organizations and programs for a panel discussion that will leave you inspired.

Tune into this conversation with Shoshana Mostoller, Community Engagement Manager for Chesapeake Humane Society; Jodi Polanski, Founder and Executive Director of Lost Our Home Pet Rescue; Kristina Pulsipher, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Ruff Haven Crisis Sheltering; Andy Bond, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of BestyBnB, and our moderator Vincent Medley, Director of Human Animal Support Services. They discussed what crisis sheltering looks like in each of their organizations, challenges they’ve overcome, and their best tips for getting started.

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