Navigating Compassion Fatigue in Animal Welfare: How to Combat Burnout and Enhance Resiliency

Human and animal welfare is incredibly rewarding, and also incredibly challenging. Compassion fatigue is a common experience for animal welfare workers, but not one that we have to navigate alone. Hilary Hager, Vice President of Outreach, Engagement, and Training for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), provided this live training, typically given as part of HSUS’s Law Enforcement Training Center, on how to better combat compassion fatigue and burnout.

This webinar training covers the causes and symptoms of compassion fatigue and provides actionable advice to shift organizational culture, improve communication around compassion fatigue, and ultimately enhance resiliency in your organization. Viewers will come away with knowledge and skills to support themselves and their organizations in reducing compassion fatigue through open communication and intentional culture shifts.

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